Introduction: Recipes

Recipes: Recipes is an arrangement of instructions or algorithms that demonstrate how to create a dish.

Component in cooking depends on the type of food to cook, and the recipes, there are several components which are to be written and some are not to be written. There is usually a recipe component is:

1. The materials used
2. The tools needed
3. How to cook, including cooking duration
4. Total grain and spice dose
5. Estimated sources of vitamins, carbohydrates, and calories in food
6. Future food security
7. And the most important is the name of the dish itself :D

Sometimes, the equipment needed is not written directly on the way but no cooking. Sample Beat eggs and pour into pan that has been heated means we need eggbeater, including fryers and stove.

In ancient times, the recipes are also circulating orally so that some parts of the above are also missing and sometimes cause variations in cooking. Some people also just use recipes as a reference, and he gave himself such variations in composition and how to cook as well as a complement.

Well, it's a little review about the recipe. Next let us learn to cook by recipes on this blog. Thank you :D